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Financial Planning Services

Share Market Investment

Your Hudson financial adviser can help you construct an investment portfolio that is most appropriate for your situation, your risk profile and your long-term goals. A properly balanced and diversified portfolio should contain a mix of shares, managed funds and property to reduce the impact of market volatility.

Property Investment Advisers

Hudson property investment involves weighing up the pros and cons with you before making a decision to add an investment property to your portfolio. This usually begins with looking at your overall investment portfolio to see if a property fits into your asset allocation and is in line with your medium and long term personal goals and objectives.

Superannuation Advice

Hudson financial planning’s super advisers are experts in Superannuation and can help you navigate the various challenges in order to maximise what you have in retirement. 

Retirement Planning

Hudson financial planning has worked with hundreds of clients to prepare them for their retirement. The process can start many years prior to them actually retiring, with carefully designed plans to suit each individual, that can minimise taxation, maximise contributions and invest wisely and appropriately to maximum growth from a clients investments.

Wealth Management

Wealth management deals with the investment needs of affluent clients. Wealth management involves working with your adviser to act as custodian of your wealth for generations to come.

Self-Managed Super Fund

A self managed superannuation fund, or SMSF, is a trust that exists for purposes of investing Superannuation contributions. You can have several members within the fund, and it’s common for husband and wife to create one, possibly with other family members such as siblings. You can make personal contributions and/or receive employer contributions, just as you can with a retail or industry Super.

Budgeting & Cash Flow Management

Hudson can help you maximise your financial results by running different scenarios of your cash flow management through our sophisticated software. This shows us the different results certain savings/investments may make you, and the difference in saving $5000 a year as opposed to $20000 a year, and many other scenarios.

Wealth Protection & Personal Insurance

We believe that protecting your investments, lifestyle, and family is vital in your wealth creation process. If Hudson is the servicing adviser on your insurance policy, we will regularly review the policy with you to make sure that everything is appropriate.

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