Good News Story – Jennifer Cameron
23 August 2021

Jennifer Cameron has been a member of Hudson Institute for over 25 years. She has now completed a non-fiction book, Ancient Ways for Current Days which will soon be released.

Ancient Ways for Current Days points out that the patriarchy or male-led society has been the dominant way for the last 4,000 years … and asks, ‘but what about the 230,000 years before?’ The reader follows the journey of the development of first humans through to today. Why did we create the cultures that we did?

Jenny shares the little-known story of the matrifocal way of life, where women are leaders and people are equal and live in harmony with nature. This was how humans lived across the globe for the vast majority of our history, and some still do today. As Jennifer explains, there is much we can learn from this way of life now.

With stories spanning across all parts of the globe, from Europe to Asia to the First Nation Peoples in Australia, Jennifer examines the place of women in civilisations and how this has shaped the way we interact with each other and with the world around us.

Ancient Ways for Current Days is a timely call to action that offers women and men an alternative to our current destructive way of life. A first reviewer says, ‘It is a must-read for anyone looking for hope and a better way, where women and men live in harmony with each other and with Nature, for the benefit of all’.

Jennifer Cameron is a historian, writer and social activist, particularly for women’s rights and the rights of Nature. She has devoted much of her life to understanding the experience of women through the ages, particularly in prehistory and through Goddess Spirituality. She has worked as a teacher, trainer, policy writer for government and consultant to the not-for-profit sector, and is a current Co-Convenor of the Gaia Temple in Melbourne.

To obtain a copy of Ancient Ways for Current Days at a pre-release order price go to https://www.facebook.com/Ancientwaysbook

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