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The Hudson Story

Inspiring Change For A Brighter Financial Future

Hudson Financial Planning has been providing trusted and professional advice since 1992. Our vision was to educate as many people as possible about their financial journey. Over the years we have matured into a full-service financial planning firm, offering our clients the ability to take care of all of their financial needs in one place. Our core focus of empowering everyday Australians to make educated decisions has not changed.

We are committed to what’s best for your finances, not products or organisations

Hudson holds its own Australian Financial Services License through ASIC, which allows us to choose which investment and insurance products we support in-house. This differs from most financial planners that pay a licensing fee to a dealer group such as AMP or IOOF to “piggy-back” their license. Those advisers are bound to the products and rules/restrictions of that organisation.

We were built for the year 2020, but we started 28 years ago!

Our team provides individual plans and ongoing wealth management to approximately 3,000 clients around Australia. Our appointments have been predominantly conducted over the phone or via Zoom way before it was practical and necessary.

Hudson’s investment philosophy is to help our Hudson family to make educated and informed decisions about their finances. We want to inspire you to make small changes that will make a huge difference to your financial future and we want to keep you from steering from your path.

The Hudson Community: What You Need To Know

Our Advice extends beyond investment and risk protection and everyone that is part of the Hudson Community has access to our holistic financial care to help take one less worry out of your life journey. By becoming part of the Hudson Community you will gain access to:

  • Monthly newsletters keeping you to date with industry news and as well as offering advice on wealth creation.
  • Our award winning mortgage broking team who can advise on home loan structuring, debt reduction strategies and advice on borrowing capacity for investment properties.
  • Property advisers who can act as buyers agents, builders who can work closely with our clients to build new homes, or investment homes, and our property investment advisers who can source new developments and projects.
  • Specialised accountants who work in collaboration with your Hudson adviser, maximising tax management benefits towards your financial goals.
  • Exclusive invites into our Hudson Property Facebook Group.
  • Access to Hudson’s community page where you can share your business and ideas with like-minded people.
  • Answers to all of your questions and the clarity needed to help you retire in style or whatever your goals may be.

If Hudson begins to manage your investment or Superannuation investments, you would also be entitled to:

  • Access to your dedicated financial adviser.
  • Regular reviews and adjustments to ensure that your financial plan is changing with you.

Hudson advisers provide clarity and direction so that together you can work through whatever the future brings.

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