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About Hudson Financial Planning

Our Beginnings

Hudson Financial Planning is a family run, professional advice firm, providing trusted advice for over 30 years. We were established in 1992 just as Australia was heading out of a recession. At our core is education, wealth creation and protection. Educating our clients financially to make well informed decisions with our guidance. Our history, our family connections, and our continued referral network from our happy clients is testament to us achieving our goal as Australia’s trusted house of financial advice.

We started based on the idea of a book “guide to sensible wealth creation’. From there First Class Ticket was born and Hudson took to the skies and spent years travelling around the country promoting do it yourself wealth creation strategies and budgeting.

Stuart Moore Old Hudson pic
Juanita Wrenn (Wall Shot)

The Way Forward

We have lived through the property boom of the late 90s, the GFC in 2008, the Royal Commission and COVID. We were the first financial firm in Australia to offer telephone appointments, we were ready for COVID19 30 years ago, enabling us to have a following of around 3000 clients nationwide. Over the years we have morphed into a professional financial firm, providing advice on markets, investments, superannuation, lending, property and collaborating with accountants and lawyers that have a reputation for providing well researched and balanced advice much like Hudson do.

Fast Forward to January 2020 and Juanita Wrenn took over as Managing Director and Hudson has grown from strength to strength under the new management team that Juanita has put into place.

Most of us have been together for the last 20 years or more, confirming our strength in collaboration and trust. This continuity means that our focus is more on you and the outcomes that we can provide for you and your financial decisions. Our mission is to take the worry and stress out of finances so that our clients can live freely without the worry of money hanging over them.

We strive to support and contribute to protecting our Australian rainforests and this is a key component of everything we do at Hudson. We seek B Corporation accreditation and will continue to look after our people, our staff, clients, and referral partners, with integrity and kindness.

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Earn, save, invest, repeat. Make that your 2024 motto!

Do you feel as though your life has some flexibility in it starting 2024?

Imagine starting 2025 with choice and flexibility. Saving and investing is a way to give our future selves choice and flexibility. Everybody wants and deserves to feel in control of their life. ‘Having a strong sense of controlling one’s life is a more dependable predictor of positive wellbeing’ than where you live or what job you have, according to Angus Campbell; psychologist and researcher.

Being financially set up offers a sense of control, and having a plan is a way of feeling some control over where your life is heading. Leave your details below or call us on 1800 804 296.

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