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Finance Brokers & Mortgage Brokers

At Hudson we believe it’s more than just loan options. We want you to tap into our expertise so that you can have the best deal and you get approved for it. We are there every step of the way.

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    Hudson Finance is available to non clients – as well as to our clients.

    Hudson’s experienced finance brokers in Brisbane have access to a large number of lending products in the marketplace and by working with your financial adviser, our team is in a position to be able to recommend the most appropriate products to suit your circumstances, your risk profile and your long-term goals.

    Not only can we help you find a great deal when refinancing your existing loans and when taking out new loans, but we will also help you through the application process step-by-step, right through to settlement and beyond.

    The Hudson Finance Department is a fully operational finance broking service, which operates from within the Hudson head office in Brisbane.

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    Why Hudson Finance?

    Familiarity Of Your Financial Position

    Because you are a client with Hudson Financial Planning and have a dedicated financial adviser we have access to all of your up to date financial information. This makes the initial assessment of your financial needs easier and the application process a lot smoother.

    If you don’t have an adviser at Hudson we still help hundreds of people with their lending that are not yet ready, or have no need to see an adviser. The extra advantage to these clients is that our brokers still work in with the advisers for advice on investment property structure, so even if you aren’t using an adviser at Hudson, by using one of our brokers, you are still getting quality advice when it come to your investment property lending.

    You don’t have to have a financial adviser at Hudson in order to use one of our experienced mortgage brokers.

    We Want Your Loan To Be Approved

    We don’t charge any fees to our clients for our services in the finance division. We get paid a commission from the lender upon settlement of your loan. We therefore don’t get paid unless your loan is approved and settled and thus we will present your loan application in the best light possible to the bank. 

    A Smooth Transaction

    We will work hand in hand with your financial adviser and solicitor/conveyancer (if purchasing) to ensure that your approval and settlement proceed with a minimum of fuss. At Hudson we are linked up electronically with each lender on our panel, which allows us to submit the application into their application system at the press of a button.

    Getting A Good Deal

    The commission we get paid from the lender is similar regardless of what product or rate that we achieve for you. If there is a possibility of achieving a cheaper rate than what is advertised we will endeavour to seek this. This is the same process for any potential fee waivers or discounts.

    Priority Service

    We do large volumes of lending within the Hudson finance department, mainly because of the above factors. As a result we have been given priority service with some of our main lenders, ensuring fast approvals and excellent support. These lenders include the Commonwealth Bank (Diamond Brokers), Westpac (Advantage Plus Brokers) and St George (Gold Brokers). 

    Loan Structuring

    Part of working hand in hand with your financial adviser means that we look very seriously at how your loans are structured, taking into account tax implications, cost, and future plans. Part of this involves keeping your loans stand alone against individual security properties where possible.

    Future Lending

    Through AFG’s (Australian Finance Group) FLEX (online loan application) system all applications that we submit for our clients are saved into the FLEX system. What this means is that your position is saved into our system and therefore when you are looking at any future lending scenarios we can quickly and easily assess your position. This means there are no appointments to be made with a bank manager and no 30 page manual application forms to complete.

    Speak with our Finance Manager freecall 1800 804 296 about this in more detail, or make a time online now.

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    Plant a tree with us today, to sit in the shade in the future.

    Considering A Loan?

    What Does A Finance Broker Do?

    Mortgage brokers are the same as a finance broker and their job is to be the contact between you and the bank. Our brokers specialise in arranging home loans, investment property loans and re-financing for a better rate and a better structure. We are also able to help finance cars, trucks and commercial asset finance. The banks pay us a fee which does not add to your costs. The fee is standard and very similar across all banks so we have no incentive to offer you one bank over another. Our job is to find the best bank for your situation, and we save you the legwork.

    Our mortgage brokers consider our clients specific goals, objectives and financial and personal circumstance to interpret which loan best suits you and detail why. After we submit the application, our brokers continue to offer personalised service right up to and after settlement. Our mortgage brokers will try to minimise the usual hassle involved with obtaining a loan and will be there to provide support well after the loan has settled, with annual reviews of your rates and cashflow.

    Why Use A Finance Broker Instead Of Going Directly To A Bank?

    We often get better rates. Due to the volume of business we do with many banks, we are often able to achieve lower rates for our clients than if you go direct to the bank yourself. Hudson are Diamond or Platinum level brokers with many well-known lenders. This also ensures priority service with some of our main lenders, ensuring fast approvals and excellent support. Our brokers can offer valuable advice regarding your situation before you waste your time at different banks. Our brokers are aware of the banks that are offering the best rates, best variable, best fixed rates, and the banks that lend with no mortgage insurance for different amounts of deposits.

    The difference between a loan and the right loan can cost you thousands over the years. We have tight turn around times and we are able to advise strategically on the right loan for your situation. We look very seriously at how your loans are structured, taking into account tax implications, cost, and future plans. Part of this may involve keeping your loans standalone against individual security properties where possible. This is not the sort of service you get from going directly to your bank.

    The Different Ways A Finance And Loan Broker Can Be Used In Your Financial Planning Strategy

    By having our mortgage brokers work closely along side our financial advisers, we ensure that your loan is structured in such a way so as to minimise tax implications, cost and future plans that you and your adviser may be putting into place. 

    Using your self managed super fund to purchase property with borrowed funds has become quite a difficult task. Our brokers are able to source the very few banks that still offer lending through a SMSF, and can work in with your adviser to ensure that your lending within this structure suits your overall goals and financial plans.

    When clients are starting to transition to retirement, its important to time their exit strategy from their property investments in order to minimise capital gains tax and maximise superannuation contributions. This is where your mortgage broker advises your financial adviser on which loans are the best to pay out first, depending on fixed rates, discharge fees etc. 

    Our mortgage brokers also have a lot of experience working with deceased estates and we work in closely with an estate lawyer to ensure that any re-financing of properties within deceased estates are financed in the most tax effective way.

    There are a lot of advantage in having your mortgage broker work in with your financial adviser, just as there are advantages of your accountant and financial adviser working together .Taking a holistic view of your overall finances always yields the best outcome.

    Step By Step Process For Finance And Loan Brokerage

    The Hudson step by step loan brokerage process is simple;

    Step 1: Reach out to one of Hudson’s friendly and expert mortgage brokers by calling 1800 804 296 to book an initial meeting via telephone or zoom. Matt Paul is our Operations Manager and he will co-ordinate a time with you. 

    Step 2: Our mortgage broker will then call you at the appointment time. This is where we will get to know you a little better and we will ascertain what you are looking to purchase, refinance or work out if we are just getting an idea of borrowing capacity for future borrowings. We will then look at putting a strategy together that will incorporate several different banks and options, ultimately coming up with one scenario that is best for you. This strategy will incorporate cash flows, allow for an increase in interest rates, will look at options with and without mortgage insurance and will look at the financial structure of your lending against your portfolio of investments.

    Step 3: It is then time for us to submit applications on your behalf. This process can be backwards and forwards as we work with the banks credit team to get your loan approved. We will take as much of the hassle away from you as we can. The good news here is that by working with a Hudson mortgage broker, their depth of experience means that you can be sure that if all the information was correct that you gave our brokers, your loan will get approved. Once we get approval from the bank we then look towards settlement. 

    Step 4: Once your loan has settled, we can review your personal insurances to make sure that you are adequately covered and review your lending structure to make sure that it is all running smoothly.

    Step 5: A review will then be set up yearly to check on your loan status and your cashflow.

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    Plant a tree with us today, to sit in the shade in the future.

    FAQs For Finance Brokers

    Discover our most commonly asked questions relating to finance brokerage at Hudson.

    No and this is one of the major advantages of using a broker. Our brokers have access to over 70 lenders across residential, commercial, asset finance and personal finance. Each lender pays very similar fees and therefore our only incentive is to ensure that you have the best possible loan for your situation.

    Hudson finance brokers are platinum level brokers with many lenders and as such, are offered lower rates than the average person is offered. We can also sometimes get fees waived from these lenders. Origination fees, application fees and appraisal fees can sometimes be waived with the bank which can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars.

    Some lenders work exclusively with mortgage brokers and rely on them to bring in business with their marketing and referral base. These lenders cannot be contacted by the average person.

    Brokers also have access to valuations on properties that you may be considering for purchase so by forming a long term relationship with one of our mortgage brokers you are also gaining access to valuable purchasing information when it comes time to buy your next property.

    There is no direct cost for using a mortgage broker and the upside is that they can get you into a quality, suitable loan, with one of the lowest interest rates, at no direct cost to you. In fact, a mortgage broker often saves you hundreds to thousands of dollars on repayments and fees.

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