One phone call = $165,000
18 February 2016

Recently our Insurance Adviser Peter Dale received a call from a member who mentioned that in 2013 he had a cancer scare resulting in a lump being surgically removed. Peter asked what he had received as a claim settlement under his trauma policy. The member advised that he had never made a claim as he didn’t believe his cancer scare was covered. Peter informed the member that he should ring his insurer as the cancer was likely to meet the “cancer definition” under his policy and as such should make contact with his insurer to register his potential claim.  He was in fact entitled to make a claim and received a tax free, lump sum payout of $165,000. 

What can we learn from this?

  • If in doubt regarding a claim ALWAYS ring our insurance team. They are here to help and can advise whether or not you are eligible to make a claim.
  • It is VITAL to have insurance in place. 
  • Insurance companies DO payout claims for legitimate illnesses.

It goes without saying that this member was very grateful that he gave us a call. This one phone call has made our member’s life a whole lot easier. 

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