Rainforest Update
27 May 2021

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Dear Hudson Team,

Here are a few pix of our Tree Planting event recently in the Daintree. Wish you were there! It was an extremely emotional and significant weekend. First we planted over 3,600 trees with the Kuku Yalanji Traditional Owners with 119 volunteers (a record!)! The team did it a LOT differently than last Tree Planting event. With the combined <brain power> force that is Marine our Nursery Manager and Justin our New Land Manager, the seedlings were strategically picked (pioneer versus secondary, to ensure genetic diversity) and they were actually popped in each of the holes where the crew wanted them to be. This will ensure even stronger canopy growth and increase the seedlings’ genetic integrity. Hooray!

See some pix attached and more of Marty’s professional pix are here. Pls, as always, use as freely as you desire. Marty will be adding to this folder which will include more NightWings pix which is looking so good thanks in huge part to Hudson FP!

Then, further north>> Ten years ago we bought Lot 46, 27+ hectares of devasted rainforest. Well, this is Solomon Family Bubu, and we have rescued it, rebuilt it, paid off the loan and just two weeks ago had it certified as a Nature Refuge (can NEVER be touched). Last Saturday it was one of the most special days of all our Rainforest Rescuers’ lives, as we returned Lot 46 back to country hand in hand with the Traditional Owners of the land, the Solomon Family and named it Kurranji Bubu (Cassowary Land).

Thank you for supporting us – to do the work that needs to be done in the unprotected Daintree Lowland.

Forever grateful to you all there,


Warmest, for the rainforests,

Kristin Canning, Partnerships

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