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Intro March 2023

Welcome to The Hudson Report

Hudson report written and edited by Juanita Wrenn and Katie Gilmour

Easter Holidays are upon us and it only feels as though we were having Christmas holidays yesterday.
We sent a text this month to many of our clients, just after the RBA lifted the cash rate again by a further
25 basis points, offering a rate review as part of our service to Hudson Clients. Over 100 clients
responded with a yes, which is what we were hoping for, but also shows the desire right now to keep
one of your biggest household expenses as minimised as possible. A lot of clients who contacted us
had rates in the mid to high 6s, so for many clients we were able to help them get their rate down by
an average of 1%. If you haven’t spoken to our finance team yet, it’s well worth it. Contact finance team

Our latest Billboard on Moggill Road, Toowong.

We are trialling text messages to our clients for moments such as rate increase updates, but also to
remind clients about certain key factors in regard to the markets. Gets the message out quickly, to
provide important updates. We want to acknowledge that if you get a text message from Hudson it is
something we are now doing. If you would rather not receive these kindly click on the opt-out link and that
will remove you from any further text messages.

Economic update: next month Isaac Robinson will start Hudson’s own in-house quarterly
economic report.

Quick recap; inflation has fallen to 6.8% in February, down 1.6% from its peak of 8.4% in
December. We are on the right track but we are still a long way off the RBA’s target rate of 2-3%.
As we get closer to the target the rate of inflation declines more slowly… a little like a weight loss
target. The unemployment rate is at 3.5% which is the lowest its been since 1974. However, this
is the only positive economic indicator. Consumer confidence is at levels seen throughout the
GFC and that was before the US bank crisis (read here to recap our article). Hopefully, the RBA
will leave the cash rate alone in April and allow time to assess the flow of data from all of their
efforts over the last 10 months.

The ASX flagship index (S&P/ASX 200) closed out 2022 at 7,038.7, by early February it had
climbed as high as 7,558, and last week had fallen below 7,000. At the time of writing (30 march)
the ASX 200 was sitting at 7,120. Interesting fact – the market is up over this week, down over the
month, up over 6 months and down over 1 year, up over 2 years. Investing is about buy and hold
and seeing the cycles through.

Happy Easter everyone, my favourite are the
candy eggs…..the pink side! .
We are running another easter colouring
competition this year. We will draw the winner
next Wednesday 5th April. Click here to
download the artwork and once complete you
can email it to us here. Good luck to all those
clever colourists and don’t forget to follow us on
Facebook and Instagram.

If you want to look back on any of our reports over the last few months, click here.

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