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Caravan Pitfalls #3 – Who are you really sleeping with?

Written by guest author and Hudson member J.D. Chadwick

Ask yourself; “do I really know the person lying next to me in bed?” You may have been together for a very long time or perhaps you are new comers to the partnership game. Either way this is for you.

Excitement is in the air and it has nothing to do with night time activities. Your plan is to get yourself a suitable RV, hit the road, nothing holding you back except your imagination and your willingness to step outside your comfort zone. 

Now I am not here to judge or put a damper on anyone’s dreams but I would like to ensure your next adventure is a brilliant one and is not tempered by your sleeping partner’s prowess or lack thereof. Get those smutty ideas out of your head. I am referring to, ‘have you considered’ – Will we get along? Are we sharing the same dream? ‘Is 6 -12 months too long or not long enough?’

Most of us assume that just because a couple has been together for years, even decades, that they love each other’s company and come retirement day they can’t wait to get into their RV complete with all ‘his’ toys (boat, golf clubs, fishing gear, beer fridge…) hit the wallaby and all will be hunky dory. What could possibly go wrong?

I sincerely hope it is a fantastic experience for you all, but one thing some couples never take into consideration is – how will you get along in a small space 24/7, a space not much bigger than your garden shed. Could you live together in the man cave? (I just heard a few screams then…) 

Add to this; for the past few decades hubby has left the house to go to work leaving the partner with the house (or a career) to herself, you have routines and lifestyles of your own. Then one day your beau, the love of your life, doesn’t leave the house. He is no longer looking like your dream partner, he’s under your feet, bored doesn’t know what to do with himself – He’s retired!   God help me, you say!  Does this sound familiar?

Now compress all that frustration into a ‘one room bedsit on wheels’. Scary thought, eh?  Well, it doesn’t have to be. For some the transition from house to RV works like a dream, you may have been taking annual holidays in your caravan for years (but be aware, spending months on the road is very different to a two-week trip with friends) but for others it is a quantum leap of faith and a lot of adjustment may be required. It needs just as much planning as choosing and kitting out your rig, as well as a good financial plan. (Hudson’s specialty).

For some couples, this may seem a bit weird and not relevant. However, I have seen, heard and experienced what I call ‘on the road divorce!’ Suddenly the person you have just spent a good percentage of your life with has turned into an alien and has developed habits that you never knew existed until you had to share a compact space. There is no escaping each other once you leave home, so doesn’t it make sense to test the waters before committing to a lengthy sojourn around our great country, even before talking with Hudson’s about parting with tens of thousands of dollars for an RV or new car. What she visualises doing in your RV is usually light years away from what he is thinking – good communication is the key to success. Plan time out periods. Find friends along the way to enjoy sharing things that interest you as an individual. Being a couple, all the time is usually a recipe for disaster. (there are always exceptions, if you are such a couple, be honest was it like that from the start and every day since?)

On the positive side. You will discover some fantastic places and have lots of new experiences that are twice as good simply because they were shared. This is what life on the road is all about and good preparation is the road map to success. So, time to get talking… 

Happy Travels

Chad and his partner are veteran caravaners. (10 years into a 2-year trip around Australia!). Chad has spent years researching vans and equipment, knows most of the ins and outs of living on the road and how to earn a living from their van. If you enjoyed this article then check out his other informative ramblings, plus lots more tips, laughs and exciting places to visit in his monthly newsletter ‘Aussie Life On Wheels’ .

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