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Do You Have a Personal Insurance Policy we Don’t Know About?

Written by Kris Wrenn

If you or anyone in your family have a personal insurance policy (Life, TPD, Income Protection, Trauma) and you do not have Hudson assigned as the adviser on the policy you are missing out.

You can usually assign Hudson as your insurance adviser by signing a one-page form that we can prepare for you. It will cost you nothing to do this, but the benefits are significant.

Benefit Number 1 – The main benefit is that we can represent you in the event of a claim at no cost. We have decades of experience in this area which will increase your chances of a successful claim.

You may have seen or heard advertisements from the likes of Shine Lawyers or Morris Blackburn, where they say that you may have insurance in your Super and that they can assist you in making a claim. These companies usually take a large % of any payout received, up to 30% or even 40%.

Benefit Number 2 – You will have access to Hudson’s insurance specialist to discuss your policy at any time. Are you over or under insured? Do you have the right type/s of insurance? Are there more competitively priced or superior quality policies available with the same or alternate insurer?

You are under no obligation to speak to us if you do not wish to, and by signing us as adviser you can simply have us there as a back-up if/when you come to claim. However, if we’re not your adviser at claim time we cannot help you.


A large part of a financial adviser’s role revolves around “Risk Management” and personal insurance policies are the predominant means in which we combat financial risk. There is a financial risk to you and your family that you are unable to work due to an accident, illness or death. You can protect yourself from these things, and despite what some people believe, I can tell you from experience that: insurance companies DO pay.

Below I have highlighted a few REAL-LIFE examples of insurance claims successfully lodged for Hudson members since the start of last year. You can see that they are from various insurers and also cover various conditions, be it: mental health, unexpected diagnosis (cancer) or injuries.

Successful Claim 1
Insurer – One Path
Insurance cover – Income Protection
Diagnosis – Mental Health
Claim submitted – March 2021
Claim paid – Feb 2021 to present
Total Benefit paid (claim currently ongoing) – $108,700

Successful Claim 2
Insurer – MLC
Insurance Cover – Critical Illness (Trauma)
Diagnosis – Clarke Level 5 Melanoma (cancer)
Claim submitted – December 2021
Claim paid – January 2022
Total Benefit paid – $145,161 tax free

Successful Claim 3
Insurer – MLC
Insurance cover – Income Protection
Diagnosis – Hand & Shoulder Injuries
Claim submitted – January 2022
Claim paid – January to March 2022
Total Benefit paid – $5,132

Successful Claim 4
Insurer – AIA
Insurance cover – Income Protection
Diagnosis – Mental Health
Claim submitted February 2022
Claim paid – February 2022 to present
Total Benefit paid (claim currently ongoing) – $14,775

Total Benefits paid – $273,768 (Note: If you submit your claim after the event occurred, the insurer will back pay to the date the event occurred)

These are genuine examples whereby, although the situation was unfortunate, I am happy to say that our insurance specialist Aaron Alston has successfully assisted these Hudson members in a time of need.

Accidents, illnesses and death can and will continue to happen, usually when you least expect it, but with a quality insurance policy and Hudson at your side you can protect yourself and your family.

Please call us on 1800 804 296 or email us on now if you have an insurance policy that you would like to assign to Hudson.

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