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Exciting And Unique New Property Offering At Specific Property

Specific Property is pleased to announce a new and exciting offering not previously available to Hudson Financial Planning clients.

We have developed a team of property professionals who will assist Hudson clients through the process of designing and building residential property to more closely meet the individual property needs of those clients. Initially this offer is for properties in South East Queensland, that is predominately Brisbane, the Sunshine and Gold Coasts. We intend to expand this offer later as we develop our teams in other locations.

The process will manage everything for you from the feasibility of developing your current home site, subject of course to local zoning requirements, or the acquisition of a suitable site for development including the final sale of all or part of that particular development if that is your intention. The team can assist in the selection of suitable land in any location in South East Queensland including infill sites, closer to city amenities, where budget allows.

This can be for a single home or a small development (townhouses, units or dual occupancy properties) where you intend to live in one of the properties and rent or sell the other properties. The whole process can be designed for you to suit any budget and for personal residential use or investment purposes or both.

This service is for you if you would like to do your own development but don’t know where to start.

It will work particularly well if you are contemplating downsizing or considering your future home.The end result will be a custom building, designed to suit not just your needs but also enhance the future value of the property(ies). This will particularly be the case given that the floor plan design, aspect, natural light and ventilation will have been paid attention to. As you will very likely know this is not always the case.

Our offer will give you a very different result than if you simply decided to build a standard project home. The cost basis that we’ve negotiated with our team will deliver a custom design at a very similar price to a standard project home builder.

This is a unique opportunity never previously offered to Hudson clients

To show you how this could work for you and of course excluding the personal and private details of our client, we are using an actual example. Our task was to find competitive options for a house to be built on the block of land our clients had purchased. The land size was 450m2.

In this instance the house and land package was to be an investment property but this process would obviously still apply, possibly even with greater advantages, to an owner occupier who had personal and specific requirements. Just to make it clear, we are not limited to any price point and can tailor a package to suit individual purchasers. The final price will be subject to the location of the land and the size and quality of the build.

Initially we chose 3 house design options to discuss with our client. The first two options were for homes to be built by two well known and quality builders. The third and Specific Property personalised custom option was with our team of property professionals with whom we have now come to an arrangement for custom design and build options.

Our arrangement with this design and build group which includes Specific Property is that these custom designed options would be similarly priced to the stock standard options available in the general marketplace. The benefit of this being that the designs would stand out in the market and provide a point of difference.

This, in our opinion, will always add to the potential for greater appeal and possibly higher capital growth in the future. This is not to suggest for a moment that the other two building groups were not going to be quality properties, they would be. The difference is that the custom designed home with our input will stand out from the crowd.

What this means most importantly is that the home designs will be tailored to fit a specific block of land, rather than building standard project builders house on the block. This allows us to take maximum advantage of the aspect, natural light and ventilation which is often lacking in many properties. In addition to this, Specific Property will have a personal involvement in the floor plans of the properties, which as you know are often very poorly designed.

To us this makes a lot of sense because rather than the cookie cutter approach of the larger building firms we have almost complete control over the design. The result is a unique home with consideration for the siting on the block and the home is not likely to resemble other houses in the area. As you know, this generally results in a property being worth more than standard homes. And this is what we want for our clients, better potential for capital growth and rental income.

The three options we chose for our client, two well-known project builders and the third Specific option were priced as below:-

Project Builder 1 $264,315  191 sqm

Project Builder 2 $284,055 208 sqm

Specific Option  $298,500 220 sqm

When you look at the three floor plans submitted to our client you will see that the Specific Option is the best in terms of its consideration of site and in particular consideration of the effects of climate, crossflow ventilation etc. The property also has a huge alfresco area at the rear of the property overlooking a large back yard that can eventually house a pool if desired at some future stage.

We have attached the three floor plans of the three options together with an indication of how these properties would look from the road. The differences are significant, I think you will agree. By the way our client chose the custom designed home.

There is much more to discuss if you are interested and we will work very hard to give you not only a property that would work for you but also a property that is likely to provide a better financial result in the years ahead for you as well.

Looking forward to the opportunity of working with you in the future.

To know more Contact:

Terry Taylor
Managing Director | Specific Property
0418 881 617   E

Michael Taylor
0433 115 189   E

SPECIFIC PROPERTY PO Box 615, Port Melbourne VIC 3207

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