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Finance Broking Service by Hudson Financial

Did you know that The Hudson Finance Department is a fully operational finance broking service, which operates from within the Hudson head office in Brisbane?

Finance and Loans

Hudson Finance is available to non-members as well as to our members.

Hudson’s experienced finance brokers have access to a large number of lending products in the marketplace and by working with your financial adviser, our team are in a position to be able to recommend the most appropriate products to suit your circumstances, your risk profile and your long-term goals.

Not only can we help you find a great deal when refinancing your existing loans and when taking out new loans, but we will also help you through the application process step-by-step.

The Hudson Finance Department is a fully operational finance broking service, which operates from within the Hudson head office in Brisbane.

We service our members for the majority of their financing needs including the following purposes:

  • New home purchase
  • Home upgrade
  • Home renovations
  • Separations/divorce
  • First home buyers
  • Investment property purchase
  • Borrowing to invest in shares/managed funds
  • Business/commercial lending
  • Vehicle and equipment leasing

Why use the Hudson finance division to apply for a loan and NOT your local bank?

Familiarity of your financial position — Because you are a member of the Hudson Institute and have a dedicated financial adviser we have access to all of your up to date financial information. This makes the initial assessment of your financial needs easier and the application process a lot smoother.

We want your loan to be approved — We don’t charge any fees to our members for our services in the finance division. We get paid a commission from the lender upon settlement of your loan. We therefore don’t get paid unless your loan is approved and settled and thus we will present your loan application in the best light possible to the bank. Keeping a close eye on any policy changes within our lending panel and ensuring that we have all necessary supporting information available to get your loan approved assist in this process.

A smooth transaction — We will work hand in hand with your financial adviser and solicitor/conveyancer (if purchasing) to ensure that your approval and settlement proceed with a minimum of fuss. In this day and age of technological advancement the whole loan process can be processed via email, fax and phone. At Hudson we are linked up electronically with each lender on our panel, which allows us to submit the application into their application system at the press of a button.

Getting a good deal — The commission we get paid from the lender is similar regardless of what product or rate that we achieve for you. If there is a possibility of achieving a cheaper rate than what is advertised we will endeavor to seek this. This involves us submitting a pricing request to the banks pricing cell, which includes a thorough submission of why we support the further discount. This is the same process for any potential fee waivers or discounts.

Priority service — We do large volumes of lending within the Hudson finance department, mainly because of the above factors. As a result we have been given priority service with some of our main lenders. These lenders include the Commonwealth Bank (Diamond Brokers), Westpac (Advantage Plus Brokers) and St George (Gold Brokers). This ensures that we receive fast approvals and excellent support, which culminates in a smooth process from approval to settlement.

Loan structuring — Part of working hand in hand with your financial adviser means that we look very seriously at how your loans are structured, taking into account tax implications, cost, and future plans. 

Future lending — Through AFG’s (Australian Finance Group) FLEX (online loan application) system all applications that we submit for our members are saved into the FLEX system ongoing. What this means is that your position is saved into our system and therefore when you are looking at any future lending scenarios we can quickly and easily assess your position and have an application submitted within minutes by simply copying your old application, amending appropriate details and lodging it online. This means there are no appointments to be made with a bank manager and no 30 page manual application forms to complete.

Speak with our Finance Manager  Matthew Kerr  on freecall 1800 804 296 about this in more detail, or make a time online now.

We are members of the following organisations

  • Australian Finance Group (AFG) (
  • Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia – (MFAA) ( MEMBER NUMBER 14238
  • Credit  and Investments Ombudsman (CIO) (


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