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Gone are the Ambulance Chasers – the new money is in Caravan Chasing!

Do you own a 3 or 4-bedroom home, with a reasonable sized garden, a shed or garage with room for a workshop? Perhaps space for a boat trailer or caravan? Your dining table is big enough to sit 6 or more persons, where you enjoy dinner parties or family gatherings? 

You’ve both spent a large proportion of your life working hard so you can enjoy some of life’s luxuries. Invested wisely (silly me – you must have as you’re with Hudson Financial Planning), the rug rats have finally left home -phew! And you can now look forward to doing some of the things you’ve always wanted to do or put off until now.

Retirement is fast approaching? You’ve discussed the proverbial bucket list and on it, like many before you, is to buy a caravan and head off on an adventure around Australia?

Are you nuts?

Divorce lawyers are making more money from retirees who have bought a caravan than any other age group (don’t quote me on that!).

How can that be you ask? We’ve been happily married for 40 years and still love each other. 

Now please don’t get me wrong, RV’ing (caravan, motorhome or camper trailer) can be one of the best things you’ll ever do, just look at us – 10 years later and we are still rolling along quite happily in our little box on wheels.

But it’s the ‘box’ that can do the damage and lawyers are now giving up ambulance chasing in favour of Caravan Chasing – much more lucrative!

I want you to imagine you’ve just had a visit from the fun police and they’ve told you that for your past indiscretions you’ve been sentenced to 4 – 6 months in a maximum-security cell just 20ft x 8ft in size – which you get to share with your partner!!!

Naturally, it has all of life’s necessities – miniature kitchen, toilet, tiny shower, table for 2 and a cosy bed. You will be allowed access to phone and internet and TV – when reception permits!

You’re going to be moved from your very spacious home, where you have lots of personal space, to a tiny box on wheels with absolutely no space to yourself. This will be the first real test of your marriage – and you thought it was tough when you first moved in together!

Jesting aside. This can be a serious matter. But I would like you to look at it as part of the adventure that you will be sharing with your long-time partner. Enjoy the excitement as you plan all the things you wish to do and places you’ve always wanted to visit. 

But part of the planning should include experiencing what it is like to spend more than a few hours together in a small confined space. By this I mean – do not rush out and buy a new or used caravan based on what you’ve read, or friends have told you is best for your needs.

I recommend you hire, borrow, steal a van first. Take it off on short getaways, perhaps to a music festival, rodeo, steam rally whatever rocks your boat. Or just a week in the bush or caravan park not far from home. That way you will be doing real research and get hands on experience to see if this new lifestyle will work for you – before you part with $70,000 (or more)!!

RV’ing is nor for everyone and I’ve seen far too many cases where the loving couple have spent up big on, not just the rig but all the extras they ‘think’ they need, headed off into the sunset only to be seen arriving home a week or two later with a ‘For Sale’ sign hanging on the shiny RV in the drive. 

“You can take me home…NOW! Or we carry on and you can make an appointment with the divorce lawyer at the next town” – one such ultimatum I’ve heard, usually coming from the Females mouth. For some reason the males love the new lifestyle, the closeness (more cuddles!), the adventure and no more lawn mowing. For the ladies – it’s often the equivalent of being thrown into just one room of your beautiful spacious house, with your husband who has been at work for the past 40 years, then told you cannot come out for months at a time.

I may joke about it, but it is a subject you should take seriously before parting with that hard-earned nest egg. 

And the best way to start is by subscribing to my monthly newsletter (not quite as good as an investment with Hudson’s but it may potentially save your marriage!)

Here you will find Priceless RV Tips, Stories, Jokes, Places to Discover and On the Road Money-Making Skills. But most of all – an entertaining read for all owners, & potential owners, of caravans and motorhomes. A wise inexpensive investment.

But more importantly…

Test drive a caravan or motorhome before you buy – which you can easily do by visiting anyone one of these sites:                (Queensland)                             (Australia wide)                              (Australia Wide)            (Melbourne)               (Mobile Homes – Australia Wide)

Happy Planning

Chad and his partner are veteran caravaners. (10 years into a 2-year trip around Australia!). Chad has spent years researching vans and equipment, knows most of the ins and outs of living on the road and how to earn a living from their van. He is also a published author his book ‘Deckers, Punters and Dead Ants!’ – (Around the World in a Double Decker bus!). – is now available from Amazon – A fun read for anyone, especially those over 55.

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