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Helen Ker on Retirement

Written by Helen Ker…. Facebook posting 2/03/22

After well over half a century of working, I have decided to hang-up my fingers and end the tipperty-tapping on my keyboard and calculator and get on with the next stage of my life. RSM gave me a wonderful send-off last week.

This has led me to do a bit of reminiscing about some of the things I have done in my life, and I have listed below a few things I have done over the last fifty years. (The things that I can remember anyway…LOL!). For fun I have added one thing that I have not been or done into the mix if anyone is interested in trying to guess which one it is, I will disclose the answer in a few days (anyone that REALLY knows me, don’t reveal the answer just yet!):

Abseiling, hot air ballooning, hang gliding and jumped out of a good aeroplane twice
Achieved Certificate IV in Accounting and Certificate IV in Bookkeeping 8 years ago
Allegedly the first female to cross the Simpson Desert west to east on a motor bike
Animal husbandry assistant
Beauty queen
Being lost in the Snowy Mountains on horseback late at night, pitch black, snowing, cold and hungry
Contract mustering on stations under planes and helicopters on horses and motor bikes
Equestrian sports – dressage, hacking, eventing, gymkhanas, polo, polocrosse, campdrafting with wins and places in all disciplines
Farmer – mixed grain, cattle, sheep, pigs, angora goats, and poultry
Financial controller
Hotel receptionist
Jeweller’s assistant
Junior Farmers achievement weekend winner
MMA (MacRobertson Miller Airlines) hostess
Owned a winning racehorse
Ridden the Snowy Mountains and Gold Coast Hinterland on the back of a BMW motorbike
Safety officer
Secretary and/or Treasurer for many different clubs and organisations
TAB operator
Telstra Operations Consultant
Travelled around the world
Winning jockey on a racehorse at Landor Races

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