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Hip Pocket Health check

It should be something that we all do annually but most of us don’t have the time and if we seem to be able to afford the lifestyle we have why would we do it? What is this annual health check you may ask…. Well it’s the one of your hip pocket. Every year fees go up, sometimes without us even knowing. These are the fees we should be looking at annually:

Insurance: Home and contents, health insurance and personal insurance (life and TPD). Have these premiums increased? If yes by how much and could I be getting a better deal elsewhere?

Repayments: Home loan, investment loans, car loans? What have been the annual increases on these? Should I look at refinancing? Are there better rates on offer? Can I pay any of these out to reduce my overall debt and repayment level?

Cred cards: Are there better offers available? Are some banks offering no annual fees or lower interest rates? Look at the rewards on offer. 

Personal expenses: Have you been going to the same hairdresser and you have stayed loyal because they are close? Should you be looking elsewhere as yours keeps having price increases? This goes for all forms of beauty therapy.

Pet bills: Are your pets costing a small fortune in vet bills? I am not saying get rid of the pets but maybe having insurance for them would actually work out cheaper than paying for expenses.

Food bills: Are you dining out frequently? Are your grocery bills increasing? There are websites available that allow you to compare the major supermarket chains and see who is cheaper that week.

Petrol: Again there are websites available to show where the cheapest fuel is and what days you should be buying. 

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