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Hudson Financial Accounting Partners

30th June will be here before you know it!

We want to help you get the most out of the upcoming months.

Working with Hudson accounting partners: Pilot Partners, alongside your financial adviser, you will benefit from our coordinated advice. Your right hand always knows what your left hand is doing when your accountant and financial planner work together. Our accountant’s fees are independent of Hudson and we do not receive any part of the fee that is charged for accounting work. We are offering this service as there has been a gap in our ability to offer integrated advice through tax and investments. We work closely with Angela and Kristy, Pilot accountants, with a number of clients and our professional relationship helps our clients reach their financial goals sooner.

Let our accountants work with you to plan your tax position, whether this be your personal tax and/or your business tax.  Once our accountants have discussed your tax planning options, we will look at investment and wealth creation options in conjunction with your tax planning. Together we will make sure that everything that needs to be actioned has been done before the 30th June arrives.

Some of the areas our accountants can help:
– Tax returns for individuals and business
– Trust distribution resolutions before 30th June
– Setting up a business and structuring for asset protection
– Assistance in reviewing your tax deductions
– Tax effective strategies for your structure

You should not leave your tax planning until the last minute as there may not be enough time to implement strategies that may legally reduce your tax. It is important to start by the end of April, especially if you operate a business or trust. If you already have accountants, our advisers are more than happy to work in with them where possible to ensure that your planning is cohesive and comprehensive. Whatever your situation, the important thing is that you start to plan.

Contact Angela Stavropoulos ( and Kristy Baxter (, or on (07) 30231300.

Alternatively, contact your adviser to arrange an introduction and start your tax planning for this year.

Book a FREE 15 minute meeting

Plant a tree with us today, to sit in the shade in the future.

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