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Good News Story Featuring Grahame Lloyd

Hudson Financial Planning would like to introduce one of our clients Grahame Lloyd. It’s Hudson’s very own Good News Story. Read about Grahame’s journey with Sea Shepherd below. It’s very inspiring, in fact, it’s inspired our very own Michal Park, Hudson Senior Adviser, to join Grahame on the 7th March to help clean up Kirra Beach with her 3 girls.

Grahame’s involvement

Sea Shepherd came to my attention in April 2013 after visiting Seaworks at Williams Town and doing ship tours with my family. The MV Bob Barker, MV Steve Irwin, and MV Sam Simon were docked hereafter the MV Bob Barker was damaged by the Japanese whaling factory ship the Nisshin Maru in February of that year while on Operation Zero tolerance to stop the illegal whaling in the Antarctic.

On my return I followed Sea Shepherd on social media where I came across a beach clean post and decided to participate with my family.

Hudson Financial Planning - Good News Story

I registered to be an onshore Volunteer in January 2015 to show my children that there was more to life than Dad working 6-7 days a week at his day job.

I became involved in the  Marine Debris Campaign when It commenced later that year. My family and I joined cleans in Brisbane, The Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast before I became the Gold Coast Marine Debris Coordinator in 2017 and Queensland Marine Debris Coordinator in 2019.

Sea Shepherds Marine Debris Campaign hosts free monthly beach cleans around Australia and I have hosted 40+ of these on the Gold Coast engaging with over 2,000 member of the local community while removing more than 1,900 kilos of Marine Debris from our Gold Coast beaches.

I have also had the privilege to participate  in five remote clean-ups Arnhem Land 2018 , Arnhem Land 2019,  Mulgumpin (Moreton Island) 2019 , Mulgumpin (Moreton Island) 2020 (Campaign Coordinator) , Moreton Bay clean-up 2012 (Campaign Coordinator)

I left my employer and the industry I had worked in for 26 years in December 2020 to look for a career in Conservation and Land Management and to enable me to increase the amount of Volunteering I am able to do.

Hudson Financial Planning - Good News Story

About the Campaign

From humble beginnings in Perth in 2015, our Marine Debris Campaign has now grown to 21 teams across Australia.

Since then we have hosted over 780  Beach cleans in an effort to inspire and educate all Australians – from babies to CEO’s, to our decision-makers in Canberra – on how to actively protect the oceans and coastal places they love from marine plastic pollution.

By hosting these cleans we have prevented over 3,000,000 polluting items from entering our waterways thanks to the assistance of over 31,000 local volunteers just like you.

We have conducted remote cleans at multiple locations including Moreton and Cocos islands, Sandy Cape in WA, Ningaloo reef and Djulpan beach in Arnhem Land where we had the privilege of working alongside the Dhimmiru rangers.

This Campaign is committed to promoting family-friendly beach and river clean-ups while inspiring community, businesses, and industry to take action in support of the protection and conservation of local marine environments. 

Hudson Financial Planning - Good News Story

Our Marine Debris Teams are made up of volunteers who give their time to be advocates for Sea Shepherd and the oceans, creating a difference by hosting free community clean-ups.

If this sounds interesting to you, there are a myriad of ways you can be part of the solution. You can help at one of our beach cleans, purchase sea shepherd merch  or become a sponsor via our direct action crew program.

For more information on what we do and how to support sea shepherd head to www. or on facebook at sea shepherd Australia marine debris campaign 

If you would like your own good news story featured in The Hudson Report and on our website, please contact your adviser via email or please call direct on 1800 804 296 or submit a contact form directly on our website.

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