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Hudson Financial Planning’s January/February 2021 Rainforest Rescue Impact Update

It’s a big one this time, loads of great stuff to talk about! We are so grateful to the team at Hudson Financial Planning.

This year, the Rainforest Rescue team are feeling more confident than ever before in our ability to protect the unprotected Daintree lowland rainforest. The reason we feel so empowered is because of YOU. None of our achievements, or large scale plans, would be possible without Hudson Financial Planning’s support.

On the Ground!

We know the most interesting Rainforest Rescuers to you are the crew on the ground in the Daintree, and we can’t say we blame you! They are doing awesome work. Here are some cheeky behind-the-scenes shots. There has been strong tree planting lately in recent weeks with 500+ seedlings going into the ground at NightWings. Pictured below is Emily, our Daintree Manager, posing for Justin (our new Land Manager) in between their planting work. Says Justin ‘G’day, I took this pic today of Em and the trailer in action, we did a heap of infill for Plot 5 at Nightwings with it.’ – That means they planted seedlings in areas where in the past were planted too far apart – and infill (fill in, really!) plugs those spots with new little trees. This way, the canopy will grow quicker.

Life abounds at NightWings too, with monitoring by the crew capturing increased activity of frogs, tadpoles and birds. In fact it was thanks to the focus of our friends at the Australian Quoll Conservancy with their monitoring of the Spotted Tail Quolls in the Daintree region that a roaming male was recorded here at NightWings too. Lots of quick, solid tree growth as well.  #TreesAreTheAnswer

And at the Nursery itself, where these seedlings are propagated, is a snap of Marine, above, our Nursery Manager, keeping the Nursery clean! Grow little seedlings, grow!

Lot 46’s Thriving Flora & Fauna

Years after the nearly 50,000 trees were planted to regenerate Lot 46, Cape Tribulation Rd in the Daintree, local flora and fauna are continuing to benefit enormously. When I asked for an update on Lot 46 from both Justin, and Ecological Advisor, Allen, the Southern Cassowary played yet again, a starring role.

Justin says, ‘’I’ve been watching the local male and female cassowary using Lot 46 year after year for the last 5 years for refuge, feeding and raising chicks. It is a valuable corridor to move between other neighbouring properties throughout the year but also provides vital food sources seasonally of fruit of all sizes for the chicks to the adult birds.’’ 

Allen reinforced that; ‘’…Cassowaries are continuing to use Lot 46 in increasing numbers, as with more and more trees, come more fruit production (cassowary’s food sources), so increased cassowaries.’’ He also commented on the massive 27-hectare property as a whole saying ‘’…it is looking spectacular – many canopies are closing over, meaning very little weed activity.’’

Further life abounds on Lot 46, with Justin adding that, ‘’… since November the Buff Breasted Paradise Kingfishers have returned from Papua New Guinea for breeding once again. Some pairs have taken up residence for feeding to refuel after the long trip but also have excavated several nest sites within the termite mounds that grow from the forest floor. Conditions are perfect for the termite mounds … for an airconditioned nest for them. Breeding is now in full swing with the chicks hatched and growing fast preparing for the big flight back north before the rains really set in.’’ Image © Jim Bendon

May Tree Planting – Sat 01 May– SAVE THE DATE!

The Annual Tree Planting event this year is locked in for Saturday, May 1st, and we would love for Hudson Financial Planning and your customers to be there to see your massive impact – in action. If you’d like any more information, please email me. We’re aiming to put thousands more trees in the ground to regenerate damaged Daintree rainforest.

Lastly – I set this Impact Update up just in the body of a normal email to make it easier for you to copy/paste the text and imagery if you desire for your own comms (after all, these are YOUR achievements to shout about!), and so that this doesn’t end up in junk. If you’d rather a more professional approach, let me know.

Thank you again from all of us at Rainforest Rescue, we appreciate you and your support, Hudson Financial Planning, SO incredibly much.
Warmest, for the rainforests, Kristin Canning, Partnerships, Rainforest Rescue

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