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Rainforest Rescue Cape Tribulation Rd

Hudson Financial Planning’s Rainforest Rescue Impact Update: October 2020

Happy Trees.

The rainforest seedlings on NightWings are happy, and lots are all grown up! Despite the extremely dry conditions on this 15-hectare regeneration project, some older trees are now 3 m wide (foliage extended) x 4 m high, and younger plantings are eagerly awaiting the rains as our team provides on the ground support to help them make it through. Nature continues to do her work, and together we are returning NightWings back to the thriving rainforest it once was, tree by tree.

At the Community Planting Day last month, the crew, along with 50 local and nation-wide volunteers planted over 3,000 seedlings.

World famous nature photographers and Rainforest Rescue Ambassadors Darren Jew and Jasmine Carey were on site, planting trees and snapping away.  

Just to remind you of the incredible impact that comes from your investment.

Our powerful partnership with Queensland Trust for Nature has secured the rescue and forever protection of Lot 83 Cape Tribulation Rd! This massive 376-hectare block (929 acres!), is right at the gateway to the Daintree. Not only is this a tremendous rescue, it’s also an ideal location for our new Daintree Native Nursery that will help power and accelerate large-scale Daintree restoration. Lot 83 is largely intact with several ecosystems represented from the Daintree River up to the rainforest-rich peak and comes with almost 90 hectares of cattle-munched rainforest that directly connects with the National Park, in desperate need of restoration.

With your support, and our years of propagation and regeneration, Rainforest Rescue is perfectly placed to do this; to date, together, we’ve now planted 310,000+ trees—and with this new nursery planned to be built on this property, we aim to produce as many as one million trees! Our partnerships with QTFN and Jabalbina will help us contribute to never -before-seen scales of restoration in the years and decades ahead. Trees are the answer!



Thank you so very much.

None of this would be possible without your incredible support of Rainforest Rescue, Hudson Financial Planning. With you, we are making some SERIOUS impact in the unprotected Daintree lowlands. It’s truly amazing what we are doing together, for Nature.

Rainforest Rescue is a charity registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission ABN 61 086 885 154

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