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Hudson Staff Feature: Matt Paul’s Story

Matt Paul started working for Hudson back in 1999. He is the longest standing Hudson employee. In fact, he is more like family than an employee. Matt has been through numerous changes within the industry and has added so much value to Hudson and to me as a friend, that for everyone who knows him, Matt Paul really is Hudson. So we asked the staff…who is Matt Paul? Here is what they said:

Matt is like my comfort blanket

Matt is the voice of Hudson

Matt is the most loyal and hard working friend and is always happy

Matt lifts the energy of the office

I miss Matt when he’s on holidays

Matt is the go- to for anything Hudson history related

Matt was promoted this year to our Chief Operations Officer and we are so grateful to have him on our team.

Matt grew up in Warren, Central NSW and now lives on the South Side of Brisbane. He has 4 siblings and they are about to celebrate his Mum’s 90th Birthday. Matt is married to the beautiful Ulrike, and they are currently renovating their abode.

Matt is an excellent photographer and in his spare time (of which we haven’t let him have much of lately) you will find him at weddings and photographic shoots. Matt is also a big foodie and is one of the healthiest people I know. His cooking is legendary and we’d like to share with our clients a YouTube special of our very own Matt Paul cooking up a curry with his good friend Chef Janine.

Click further below to see Matt cook up a curry on YouTube!

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