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Independent Financial Adviser – Brisbane and across Australia

Independent Financial Adviser – Brisbane and across Australia

With over 30 years experience in finance, financial management, investment and property advice, Hudson Financial Planning provides professional advice and proven strategies that help you build a comfortable future through your personal strategy.

We hold our own AFSL license and we do not allow any of the platforms we use to subsidise our investment committee. We have no incentive, in any way, to use any platform and we pay our own way with our external asset consultant. This means that any product that we put on our approved product list is on there because of its own merits.

We do receive trail from some insurance companies but this is left over from our 30 year history and we are changing this as much as the insurance companies will work with us, going forward also.

At Hudson you can pay for just a Q&A with an adviser for an hour and have a health check done on your current planning.

You could also choose to have just a strategy plan done up with some modelling, without product and go and source the product with your own research.

Or you might come to us just for product.

We will work with you however you need us, the important thing is just to make the first step and talk to us to see how we might fit together.

We Recognise that when you choose us, you place your trust in us and we want to repay that by not just talking the talk but walking the walk also.  We commit to returns that are above average and the most innovative and creative ideas

A measure of how good we are is how happy our clients and our long history and continual referrals from our clients is testament to this.

If you are looking for an independent financial adviser, talk to Hudson Financial Planning.

You can email us or call us on 1800 804 296. We are located in Milton, Brisbane.

Book a FREE 15 minute meeting

Plant a tree with us today, to sit in the shade in the future.

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