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It’s Valentine’s Day for 2016

For those who haven’t realised yet it is Valentine’s Day on Sunday…. Yes that day of the year where florists jump for joy and restaurants have set menus that never include the meals you actually like from their original menu.  According to IBISWorld, Australians will spend around $86 on their loved one for Valentine’s Day. That’s a national total of $791.4 million. 

It is the day that flowers cost about 100% more than they did the day before and the day after the 14thFebruary and chocoholics go into overdrive over expensive love heart shaped candy. If you want to indulge this Valentine’s Day and wanted to buy your future bride an expensive engagement ring why not give CupcakeGourmet a call. For a measly $55,000 (no I didn’t get that wrong) they will bake you a red velvet gourmet treat with an 8-carat engagement ring on top. 

If you don’t have a lazy $55,000 and want to do something a little less expensive but still romantic then here are a few ideas:

  • If you are like me and already married and Valentine’s Day means spending it romantically with the kids attached at your hip then why not do something as a family like a picnic in the park or a drive through the countryside. You could even get the kids to help you make your loved one a special card or small gift. 
  • If you do have kids and don’t want to pay for a babysitter why not do what some of my friends do and “child share”. This is when one couple does breakfast, while the other couple gets to go out to lunch and maybe the other couple dinner and alternatively you look after each other’s children. 
  • Because my husband and I aren’t really “set menu” type people we always try to celebrate Valentine’s Day the day before or after February 14. Not only does this save money but it means you are almost always guaranteed a table at your favourite local restaurant. 
  • If you are a bit of a romantic and still want to give flowers on Valentine’s Day why not pop down to your local nursery and get a flowering seasonal that can be replanted annually on Valentine’s Day. That way you and your partner can enjoy the flowers all year. 
  • Sometimes one partner may have to work on Valentine’s Day. Instead of ordering an expensive bouquet to be delivered if you have the day off why not visit your partner at work with a special homemade lunch (even if it is eaten on a park bench outside work). 
  • If you are a poet and didn’t know it (sorry) then why not write your loved one a poem or sit down and go through your wedding album together. 
  • I like to sit down and reflect on what we have achieved together as a couple and as a family and set new goals for the year – these can be financial and or emotional. 

I guess what I am trying to say is DON’T PANIC Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a stressful and expensive day of the year. Give some thought to what you can do that just says “I love you”, NOT I love you but now I am broke for the month.

Happy Valentine’s Day. 

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