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What drives the Property cycle with Hudson Financial Planning Brisbane

Property Report

Hello again,
Following on from our Bokarina opportunity, I have outlined some potential land sites in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast that Jason has sourced for me last week. If the land is priced to sell, it will not last, but this is just to outline how Jason can help.

Jason Williams from Roonsleigh builders has offered Hudson clients his services with land searching in Brisbane. It is often worth having a house design in mind before starting your search for that block of land. It helps to know what sort of block you need to consider, but it also helps to secure the property with a lower deposit (the banks will lend more for a house and land than they will for land only, generally).

A few of our clients have built their own investment duplexes on land purchased. This has proven very successful. The plan is often to sell one and rent the other one out.  Jason and James can help set you with plans and guide you through this process. I am also happy to outline the plans and process of a recent duplex development DCM/Roonsleigh did for a client. Just let me know if you’re interested here, and I’ll send you some outlines.

If you are interested in talking to Jason, he will dedicate his search to areas that you and he discuss upon your first meeting. This service is free if using Roonsleigh as your builders.

Here’s an example of some Northside land opportunities in Brisbane at the moment;

45 & 47 Parker Avenue, Northgate, Qld 4013 – Residential Land for Sale –
Lot 4, 55a Acacia Avenue, Northgate, Qld 4013 – Residential Land for Sale –
9 Cranbrook Street, Mitchelton, Qld 4053 – Residential Land for Sale –
Lot 1, 100 Tufnell, Banyo, Qld 4014 – Residential Land for Sale –
670 South Pine Road, Everton Park, Qld 4053 – Residential Land for Sale –
94 Amelia Street, Nundah, Qld 4012 – Residential Land for Sale –
Lot 61, 10 Laar Crescent, Boondall, Qld 4034 – Residential Land for Sale –

Of course, you can always spend time scouring real everyday yourselves, but an added advantage of using Jason is that you can have your build concept ready to go for when you find the block which will help with the financing also. Jason only works for clients using Roonsleigh so if you have your heart set on another builder, this may not be the option for you.

Here are a few examples of a build on a narrow terrace block. Price range $450k – $500k for the below builds. 

James from Roonsleigh has many designs ready to go, but he is also able to custom design. James is currently building our custom-designed home in Keperra.

The Lancelin Precinct stage 2 is the final land release within Sunshine Cove, Sunshine Coast. Click here to look at the link. This release is similar to Newport Land, where the agents have an expression of interest process of clients waiting for land to secure. The Newport land release had hundreds of excess applicants than blocks of land available. By registering with James as your builder it will help you to secure a block. Roonsleigh has a reputation already within Sunshine Cove so if you are interested in this opportunity Jason can help.

Finally, a quick recap on Pelican Waters. Some of you may remember me talking about land in Pelican Waters a few months back. The first dedicated marina for the Sunshine Coast in many decades is now officially underway and the whole area has a lovely community feel, with lots of new and emerging recreational facilities and an amazing lifestyle precinct. There is a release ear-marked for March next year which will feature 37 lots, including 9 premium waterfront home-sites, 8 terrace homes overlooking the park and a wide selection of dry lots close to water and the central park. My advice would be to register with Jason if you are interested in any capacity in this release for next year. It is worthwhile registering interest with a reputable builder on your expression of interest, as this will help with your tender.

Contact Juanita Wrenn here if you would like to find out anything more about the above opportunities.

Property disclaimer and commissions Hudson may receive is available on our web. Hudson will earn between 0-1.5% any time a property referral partner is used. Keep in mind that by utilising Hudson’s large clientbase, property partners often don’t spend money on glossy brochures or on advertising and instead pay us a ‘referral’ fee. A lot of the time our property referrals are just a value add to our clients portfolios and our motivation is to help our clients with their overall wealth creation so that they remain loyal clients for years to come.

Property Report 17 January 2022

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