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Property Report

Happy new year to our Property group! It is nice to come back to work after a few weeks off, refreshed and ready for new challenges. To start the year it’s timely to remind clients not to dwell on what they didn’t do last year, or what property growth they’ve missed out on, but instead make a plan for what you want to do this year. It’s hard not to dwell when the media keeps outlining the massive increase in property prices across the nation. Investing is not meant to be exciting, that would be speculating. The act of investing is meant to be boring, although the end goal exciting. I can categorically tell you that one of the money habits of the rich are long term strategies that they stick to without straying off the path. I see it all the time at Hudson.

So, don’t worry about what you haven’t done so far. Focus on where you want to be, make a plan to get there, and stick to it.

I am excited to present a new development of 2 duplexes, 200m to the beach at Bokarina, Sunshine Coast. It is a competitive market on the Sunshine Coast, and I am very fortunate to be able to offer an opportunity to our clients while it’s in its infant stage. They are potentially accepting pre-sales at the moment, we have a long standing relationship with DCM and Hudson clients will be given first priority at this stage before taking it to in a week or two.

I have attached a digital brochure here.

Points to think about; This property would be excellent for clients who are wanting to purchase their future retirement duplex. I have helped a number of clients from Melbourne and Sydney these last two weeks look to purchase their future retirement home on the Sunny Coast. The advantage of these duplexes is the timeline for build allows you to have a say in finishings. Feb 2022 is the estimate timeline to work with new owner or final designs.   200m walk to beach, 25 min drive to the Hinterland and close to food options, shopping centres and entertainment. Beach, river and bush all within a walk.   November 2022 is estimated construction completion. Just in time for summer.   If purchasing an investment, consider Air bnb or some sort of luxury stay option.     Over the next few days I will also be sending out some land and build options within Brisbane. These land opportunities are within the 10-15km ring. We also have a new land release on the Sunshine Coast nestled between Buderim and beautiful coast beaches. Talk to your adviser if you would like to see where an investment property fits in with your overall path ahead, and remember, long term is the proven path to take with any financial matters.

Floor plans, inclusions and walk through videos available by contacting Juanita here.

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Property Report 17 January 2022

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