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Are you in the market for a new RV, a BBQ, perhaps an annex or your phone needs upgrading (having read my article on ‘LET’S TALK Phones, Modems, Antennas & Wi-Fi”)?

The problem is where to buy and what price to pay and the first thing you notice is that prices vary from ‘too good to be true’ to ‘damn right outrageous’ for the exact same item depending where you go shopping?

As the internet gets faster and we get slower it becomes more & more daunting looking for a good deal in the electronic world unless you are still in diapers. Let alone know who you are dealing with and who to trust. We constantly hear of online scams that are targeting unsuspecting older and internet illiterate people.

Then there’s the kids: 

Are you worried about the education your children/grandchildren are getting? It’s not the algebra that bothers you it’s the apparent lack of life skills that is of concern. Important subjects like budgeting, saving for their future, negotiating, conversing face to face with another human, all seem to be overlooked at school these days, yet are so important for their survival in later years.

Here’s a solution to both problems:

When you want to purchase any big-ticket item have your children/grandchildren do it for you.

They are tech savvy, so they know where and how to find virtually anything on the net (including all the things they shouldn’t be looking at!). It may turn out to be a local business that has the best deal but it’s the kids that can help you find it.

But how to do you get them interested in helping you?

Pay them 50% commission.  Yes, 50%…it got your attention, so it is guaranteed to get theirs.

First you find a price for the item you want yourself, this becomes the benchmark. Then offer them the chance to earn 50% of any amount they save off that price. The more they save you the more they earn.  Translated; if they find a price that is say $300 cheaper they will earn $150. If it’s a new caravan that could be in the thousands of dollars.


  • They learn valuable budgeting/research/saving lessons.
  • You save money and without all the hassles.
  • A win-win for all parties (except the salesman!)

Take them along to the shop/caravan lot and have them involved in the final negotiations, which might include having the salespeople throw in extras to sweeten the deal. They’ll soon learn; how to save or make money through negotiation and the potential to earn more in the future by buying items as cheaply as possible (and potentially selling for a profit).

This same rule could also be applied when you wanted to sell something. Teaching young people how to budget, make their dollars go further and not rely on credit cards is a valuable lesson that will help them for years to come.

The next step is to encourage them to invest that commission, so it grows on its own, by introducing them to Hudson’s Financial Planning. They will thank you later in life.

Meanwhile you have what you wanted for less and you have youngsters who see you with different eyes. 

Greed is a wonderful thing!!!

This article is an extract from Chad’s monthly RV Newsletter ‘Aussie Life On Wheels’ which, thanks to Hudson Financial Planners, you can grab a copy FREE of charge by clicking this link:

An entertaining read and a useful tool for all Caravan & Motorhome owners and would be owners.Chad and his partner are veteran caravaners. (10 years into a 2-year trip around Australia!). Chad has spent years researching vans and equipment, knows most of the ins and outs of living on the road and how to earn a living from their van. All of which is revealed in Aussie Life on Wheels

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