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Stock Market Update May 2018

  • The domestic share market has been very flat this month, the All Ords rising from 6,100 to over 6,200, only to fall back to the 6,100 mark (at the time of writing).
  • The Dow Jones in the US on the other hand has had a solid month, rising from 24,100 to 24,750, representing a rise of 2.7% for the month.
  • Very little movement from the $AUS rising slightly from 75c to 75.5c against the $US.

Australian Shares over the last 20 years …

Most of you will know that over the last decade the US share market has vastly outperformed our own, however interesting to note that if you go back two decades Australian shares have been arguably the best asset class to be invested in.

The below chart shows how they have returned an average of 8.27% p/a. Furthermore only 5 out of the 20 years experienced a negative return, with 15 positive.

Insert graph page 4

Compared to other asset classes, this puts Aussie shares clearly at the top over 20 years, with global shares trailing markedly:

Insert table page 9

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