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The Napier Collection- Melbourne

Hello again to our property group,   A couple of months back I was talking about land for sale in Pelican Waters (Sunshine Coast) and I wanted to outline just how quickly Brisbane/coastal property is moving. The latest land offering in Pelican Waters, Navigator II, has all been sold within weeks of its release. There was an overwhelming response to the North facing lots and all 46 lots (26 waterfront homesites) were sold. There will be further land releases that we will keep you updated with. We currently have land at the Northern end of the Gold Coast and land in Newport, 30km north of Brisbane, half way to the Sunshine Coast, on the water. James Jessep, Hudson’s dedicated builder, has a new client contact now who is able to help you through the process of purchasing land and coordinating the build with James. I will be introducing this new contact to our client base next month, but it’s exciting for us and is the next step towards a seamless property transaction for our clients. I will also introduce you all to a new contact we have in Tasmania in next month’s newsletter. If you would like contact with any of our property partners, even before I formerly introduce our new contacts, please let Matt Paul know here and we will arrange an initial chat.  

The Brisbane property market has experienced approximately 20% increase in growth over the last year. Auction clearance rates have consistently been in the 70% range indicating that there are more buyers than there are sellers, and this always leads to the highest property prices. The questions is, will this strong performance continue over the next 12 months and beyond? I think we can all agree that COVID has positively impacted property prices in Brisbane. A lot of our growth has come from buyers moving to Brisbane for the lockdown free lifestyle. Brisbane prices are still considerably more affordable when compared to the other east coast capital cities and as one of my good Melbourne friends said to me the other day ‘Brisbane has grown up, there is good coffee, a good vibe and great beaches ….all we need is a Japanese Shinkansen (bullet train) to get us to the coast in record time’!  

With international travel back, jobs on the rise and substantial infrastructure spending in place as Brisbane looks ahead to the Olympics, the future growth of property looks promising. There are some cautionary flags however.   I want to remind clients, and I know I keep mentioning this, but interest rates will head up, and all asset classes are cyclical. When purchasing or looking to purchase a property, wherever it may be, you have to factor in a rise in rates. Even if you are fixing in now and can guarantee these amazing rates for a number of years, chances are you will be coming out of your fixed rate into a higher interest rate environment. Inflation is a key indicator of a rate rise. With a more substantial rates increase, there is the expectation that there will be people who have overextended given the low interest rate environment. This will mean that properties may have to be sold as people can non longer afford to hold them. This would increase the supply which may then be in excess of the demand. The rental demand in Brisbane may however offset this increase in supply and therefore it may not have any affect on Brisbane property, but it is important to understand that property, like all asset classes, is cyclical. It is the time in the market, not the timing, although if you time it right it helps! There is talk of 2022 being the year of cash, with both property and shares currently being at all time highs. That being said, there are opportunities within property and shares if you look for them, and as always, and I know I keep saying it, but it’s time in the market that counts. So whatever happens, be prepared to ride out the next down cycle. There will always be another downturn in the future, it’s just a matter of when.

Speaking of opportunities, Melbourne has suffered a lot during the pandemic, potentially opening up some golden opportunities to buy in a market that is not quite as hot as Brisbane. Here is the latest opportunity offered through the Hopkins Group. Contact us here if you’d like to speak to one of our Property Investment Specialists or if you would just like Matt Paul to send you some more information.

Take a peek at The Napier Collection, an attractive investment of townhouses!   The Hopkins Group recommends you consider purchasing a townhouse in the heart of Essendon: The Napier Collection   This opportunity will only be released to the general public on Wednesday but there is an opportunity to register an expression of interest now.

This worthy project raises the bar for townhouse living in the area, with an outstanding level of specification and range of signature Branson Group features, which will elevate the lifestyle of residents, and future proof the investment for owners.     What is The Napier Collection?   The Napier Collection comprises of 12 townhouses and 3 apartments located at 97 Napier Street, Essendon. These 3-storey luxury townhouses are located strategically in close proximity to dining establishments, parks and recreation centres, shopping outlets, schools, and many other essential infrastructures.   Other Features   Opposite Essendon Football Club’s Windy Hill, which will undergo a $50m faceliftExcellent proximity to Penleigh and Essendon Grammar SchoolLikelihood of exceptional capital growthAccessibility into the cityThe hallmarks of a gentrifying market – new cafes, restaurants and shoppingA genuine lack of housing in a rapidly changing neighbourhood   Price $1,129,500 to $1,149,500   Rental Estimate $825 per week

Anticipated Completion
Q2 2023  
Annual Gross Return

Why the Branson Group?   One of Melbourne’s prominent luxury townhome developers, the Branson Group has a solid industry reputation for delivering stylish, high-quality properties. At the Branson Group, they understand that great design is the foundation for an amazing property that supports your lifestyle and investment growth.

Branson Group are proud to highlight their “properties outperform the market with an average capital growth of 10.26% per annum across resales of Branson Group properties”They provide inclusions that other developers don’t.

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