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The “R” Word – Will I, or Won’t I?

Written by Hudson Client – Helen Ker

I like what I do, I am good at it, so why would I stop doing what I like to do?

There is a sense of belonging to a large company and a group of people who are my fellow workers and friends.

I like the comradery and have the sense of achievement by completing my work in a timely manner, although meeting deadlines can be a bit stressful at times.

I feel that I am contributing to the company and my clients and I do not want to cause angst to anyone by leaving.

There is a sense of security in having money coming in each month from the salary.

Work keeps me up to date with the latest in computer technology, software, viruses, and computer scams. If I left, I would be “on my own” with all this stuff.

By working, I am keeping my brain active and healthy rather than stagnating by being inactive.

By keeping on being salaried I am building up our assets by contributing to superannuation.

My father taught me to have a strong work ethic – I have worked all my life and I just do not know how to stop. I have way passed the working for half a century mark.

I have a real fear of the unknown and that there may be a global downturn and our investment’s value will drop dramatically, thereby cramping our lifestyle. I do not want to be reliant on a pension; I have never sought government help in all my life.

I hear some of you saying that I am taking away a job from a younger person. No, not so. Our firm’s door is always open to suitable applicants and they are recruiting continuously if not at my office, at our other branches in WA or interstate.

Our financial adviser has often indicated that I can afford to retire. So why don’t I? Here are some thoughts in no order as to why I am still working and not becoming one of those people who are wondering how they ever found the time to go to work before retirement.

If I did retire, what would I do? Amongst other things, I would:

  • See the family and friends and travel more.
  • Prepare my horses better for our sport – campdrafting.
  • Work on projects around the house and garden, including digitising and cataloguing photos, continuing my camera course, finishing my hand-sewn patchwork quilt that I started in 1975 in the days when I could see ( unlike now), and turning the garden into something a bit more special than it is.
  • Talking about courses, I would love to do a Bowen course for the horses, and us of course!
  • Start decluttering stuff around the house and sheds – our accumulation phase is over.
  • Dust the cobwebs off the golf sticks and tennis racquets.
  • Join the local ambulance group, repertory club, and golf clubs; attend yoga and Pilates classes, volunteer to help where needed.
  • Join in with the community events that are held on weekdays in the daytime – events that I have not been able to attend!
  • Follow-up on a twenty-year-old idea for creating a website.

Perhaps I should pull the petals out of a daisy flower one by one…. maybe… maybe not… maybe… maybe not… maybe… maybe not… LOL!

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