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What am I worth?

When I completed university I of course thought my starting salary should have been a lot higher than what it was. I had a degree and life experience, what more could an employer want? Like many graduates and those who have been in the same position for a long time it can be hard to put a value on what you think your salary should be. There is also often a discrepancy between what you think you are worth and what an employer thinks you are worth. 

Well wonder no more there is now a new and FREE service available called Value my CV: Once you have uploaded your CV this new website uses scientific data in its backend to analyse your CV. It uses “text mining” to extract your work history, skills and education, job titles and location and then compares the information against 50,000 CV’s with the end result being a figure the computer believes you are worth to an employer. 

The service has been very popular in the UK and is said to help improve people map out future career pathways based on their qualifications and can be particularly helpful for women transitioning back into the work force. The service also provides you with suggestions on how you can improve your CV. 

Another feature of this service is its ability to email your boss telling them why you deserve a pay rise based on the information provided to you, a service I’m not quite sure employers will appreciate. 

This is a new service so there is no supporting data of its success rate in Australia and it is also hard to put a value on an employee with years of knowledge in one particular industry but if you are looking for a career change, are curious about future career prospects or are entering the workforce this may be a useful tool for you. 

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