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Property Partners

We built relationships with the best property partners around Australia with one thing in mind - give you the best options for your next property investment.

Purchasing direct property (as opposed to purchasing through property trusts) can add a lot of value to our clients’ portfolio. There are some excellent advantages to owning an investment property like the ability to leverage far more than you can with shares, and therefore the potential for bigger returns, fantastic tax benefits (sometimes even generating positive cash flow), greater control over how the property is managed and owning something tangible.

You’ll have heard somewhere that property prices tend to double every 10 years, and although this isn’t strictly true, property is certainly an appreciating asset. A quality property that was worth just over $100,000 in the 1980’s is likely worth over $1M today. Purchasing property is a long term decision and you have to have time and cash flow on your side to make it a viable investment strategy.

Your Hudson adviser is here to weigh up the pros and cons with you before making a decision on adding an investment property to your portfolio. Once a decision is made that an investment property is the right decision for you, it is up to you whether you would like to source your own property, using our guidelines, or talk with one of our experienced property partners.

Hudson will educate you on the process. If you are after a little extra service from Hudson, click here to find out more about our specialised property services.


DCM and Roonsleigh are a quality Design and Construction team that can help our members, or their friends/family, achieve any of the following: Unit, Townhouse or House construction – pre-designed or custom designed. This can be investment or PPR. This can include the sourcing of land if need be. From initial blueprints to council approvals…. View Article

The Hopkins Group

A pioneer in the Australian property advisory industry, at The Hopkins Group we’ve been committed to providing our clients with access to high quality investment property since 1980. Our Founder and Executive Chairman, John Hopkins, along with our Managing Director Michael Williams, share a passion and vision for helping clients become financially well, financially secure,… View Article