Share Market Update June 18
4 June 2018
  • The All Ords finally makes a move and rose over 200 points from 6104 to 6311 (as at time of writing), representing a rise of 3.4% and taking us back to an early 2008 high.
  • Unusually, the US has had the reverse trend with the Dow Jones actually losing ground, falling 1.7% across June to hover around 24,200.
  • The improvement to the domestic share market was despite falling commodity prices and the US threatening to impose more tariffs on Chinese imports.
  • The Aussie banks were the big improvers, with Telstra on the other hand taking a tumble to a 7 year low after announcing it’s plans to split it’s mobile and infrastructure operations into separate businesses.
  • The Aussie $ has tumbled 2c from 75.5c to 73.5c.

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