Stock Market Update Feb 2018
4 February 2018
  • A somewhat harrowing  couple of weeks on the market with the highly publicised fall in the market at the start of February. The All Ords fell approximately 300 points (or 4.8%) across two trading days. To be fair, our market had risen 1.5% the three days prior to the fall, and it also rose nearly 1% the day immediately following, so it was certainly not what you could call “a correction”. At the time of writing, the All ords sits at 6050, 2.4% down on the end of January.
  • In the US, they felt things a little harder. The S&P500 fell 6.1% in the first two days of the month. Having rallied a little since, they currently sit 3.8% down from the end of January.
  • The $AUS has fallen against the $US from 81c to 78.6c so far for the month.
  • Over the last 12 months to January, employment in Australia has increased by over 400,000. This is the most jobs added in the space of a year since 2005.

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