What Is A Buyers Agent / Advocate?
28 August 2020

Purchasing property can be difficult!  Enquiring about property online only to be advised that is has already been snapped up, or putting in an offer that is nowhere near the final sale price can be frustrating and disheartening.

A Buyers Agent/Advocate offers another way to purchase whilst avoiding these issues.  A Buyers Agent is simply a real estate professional who is engaged by you to do all the “footwork” on your behalf, with the added bonus of insider information when it comes to the property market. 

  1. Their industry knowledge and negotiation skills level the playing field between buyer and seller. Fundamentally, because the selling agent works for the seller, but the Buyers Agent works for YOU.
  2. Their industry contacts broaden your property horizon, least of all because many properties are sold never actually being listed. This can result in the acquisition of properties at prices well under what they would be publically advertised for.
  3. They save you time and stress which can be priceless.

Fees to access a Buyers Agent include an upfront engagement fee (generally up to $2,000) and then once a successful property purchase has resulted, you pay a commission to the Agent (up to 3% of the property contract price). Well worth the cost if they can save you on the purchase price.

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